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David Newman is an award-winning journalist whose proudest achievement may be placing 4th in his middle school speech contest in which he gave a stirring plea to “Save the Whales”. He specializes in stories about art, entertainment, food, and travel, but has also written extensively on other topics, including home & garden, parenting, small business, government, science & technology, animal care, and special events.

He currently works for the Tri-City Voice Newspaper, based in Fremont, California.

His work has also appeared at Craftbeer.com and on his own parenting blog, which he no longer maintains because his daughters are now 11 and 15 and not as cute as they used to be.

He lives in Castro Valley, California, in the SF Bay Area, in a small house with his lovely wife, two beautiful daughters (ok, they’re still cute), and their little dog Bae. When not writing he can often be found in his office daydreaming about travel or watching soccer while his wife does actual work.

What People Are Saying…

Thank you so much!!! I am so thankful that you came out to talk to us and that you took the time to write this wonderful piece about the program. On behalf of the entire program, I’d like to give you a huge thank you.

Jimmy Qian
Board Member, ASDRP
Chief Strategist, CAS
Personal site: www.jimmyqian.me

Man that article was the best article I have ever been involved in . Thank you sooooo much for the love and support !

Kabir Singh

Thank you David! You wrote an awesome article! Thanks again for allowing us this opportunity to share Miss Barbara’s tale once again!

Lori Ryan

We saw the article today.  It came out great and everyone is really happy with what you did with it.  Thanks again for the opportunity. 

Gene Ching
Associate Publisher, Kung Fu Tai Chi &KungFuMagazine.com
Author of Shaolin Trips http://www.martialartsmart.com/btc-gc01.html
40748 Encyclopedia Circle, Fremont, CA 94538

Thank you! Your article is very well written, informative with a nice flow. 

Sammy Sze 
Sales Manager 
Cypress Video Surveillance Systems Inc.